L&W Introduce Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco

Lorentzen & Wettre, a member of the ABB Group, announce L&W Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco – a paper laboratory instrument that measures the micro-surface roughness of paperboard and linerboard.

The evaluated property is called microdeviation, which is a measure of the topography of the paper or board surface, and a characteristic that correlates well to how a paper or board will print. This new product is a replacement of the well-known EMVECO Stylus Roughness Profiler System 210-R, used in the industry for many years.

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ABB Pulp and Paper in the News - Press Releases

ABB delivers first 4th generation e-house for chemical processes to the largest pulp mill in Brazil

2017-04-11: Engineering solution was developed by ABB’s multidisciplinary team and allows for greater technical flexibility

ABB launches L&W S-Tester for predicting compressive yield strength of fluting medium

2017-02-14: Zurich, Switzerland, February 13, 2017 – The L&W S-Tester is based on a new, quick test method for determining the quality of fluting medium in corrugated packaging material. It expands ABB’s laboratory quality measurement offering to help paper producers improve quality and reduce costs.

ABB releases new full-sheet Dirt Count System for pulp mills

2016-12-27: Zurich, Switzerland, December 23nd, 2016 – ABB’s HPINet WIS Dirt Count system provides full web width inspection, imaging and identification in real-time to improve pulp quality and production yield, as well as customer satisfaction.

ABB releases new Network Platform 800 (NP800) scanner for quality control systems

2016-12-20: Zurich, Switzerland, December 20th, 2016 – The Network Platform 800 (NP800) is a completely new scanner design which provides pulp and paper customers with a perpetual foundation on which to evolve their ABB quality control (QCS) systems.

ABB launches online system for measuring, monitoring and controlling freeness in pulp mixtures

2016-12-08: L&W Freeness Online expands offering for pulp measurements to help improve quality and reduce costs for paper producers

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