Generators for Wind Turbines

ABB has delivered over 35 000 wind power generators during the past 30 years, corresponding to about 30 GW of wind power . We make generators for all drivetrain concepts, gearless or geared, both doubly-fed and full converter type.

ABB introduced doubly-fed generators in 1997. The first direct drive permanent magnet (PM) generator was manufactured in 1999, followed by the first integrated medium speed product in 2000 and the first high speed PM generator in 2003.

Our standard power range is from 100 kW to 7 MW, with generators available up to 20 MW and 15 kV.

ABB has a global manufacturing footprint with plants in the EU, USA, China, India and Brazil.
We have been making motors and generators for demanding applications since 1889.

Our offering

  • Induction Generators

    Asynchronous generators up to 7 MW for
    Fixed speed concept
    Doubly-fed concept and also for
    Full converter concept

News and articles

ABB Service

Generator Services

ABB offers a complete portfolio of services for trouble-free operation over the entire generator´s lifetime.

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